Technique: Don't start with your product, start with a need or a want

Hunt for revelations about what your audience needs, but communicate what they want in a way that resonates. It’s much more lucrative.

Sun cream is a product.
Avoiding skin cancer, that’s a need. 
Looking effortlessly sexy and tanned during your summer vacation in Jamaica...that’s a want.

Collagen powder is a product.
Essential amino acids that keep your skin hydrated and glowing is a need.
Pampering yourself because you want to feel more confident, sexy and beautiful than Jennifer from Accounting...that’s a want.

Chicken burger is a product.
Animal protein is a need.
Something easy and quick enough to serve as a weeknight family meal...that’s a want.

1. Agitate the problem ⇝  “After a long day at the office”

2. Soothe their pain ⇝  “it helps to go off by yourself and scream.”

911 Turbo Porshe print ad from 1989. “After a long day at the office, it helps to go off by yourself and scream.”