You won't magically start writing copy like a Pro copywriter with 20+ years experience.  But you'll write copy far more believable, more vivid, more persuasive than anything ChatGPT puts out.

This new lil online library of snackable copywriting tips isn’t for everyone.

But it's perfect for you IF:

The secret to write good web copy is to 
ignore what people say learn how people make decisions

The truth is, if you don’t understand the psychology behind why people buy things, you’ll have a really hard time writing copy that grabs attention, impacts minds and persuades people to click click click and buy buy buy.

The good news: Here you’ll learn all the cognitive biases that influence buyer decisions. 💸  Like confirmation bias, the goal dilution effect, and many more.

Always backed by research. And with Real-World examples. ︎

Snackable lessons good enough for visual learners. Even better for learning
writing techniques that'll make your copy come alive ︎

You don't have to write copy out of thin air.

Good copywriters certainly don't. They write copy based on research, intuition and a good understanding of consumer buyer psychology. 

AND they also use writing techniques that have successfully stood the 'test of time' in the advertising industry.

That's why it's important you learn copywriting techniques that’ll help you write more creatively, faster. And write copy that’s easier to read than to ignore. ︎

These techniques are based on thousands of hours I spent studying ads from some of the advertising industry’s most important, impactful and provocative copywriters. From Bill Bernbach to David Abbott. From John Caples to Tom McElligott.  

And also from my own experience writing copy for B2C startups & eCommerce brands (Hint: My name is Miguel Ferreira and I run a tiny copywriting agency called Teardwn).

After playing around with these cheeky formulas,
you'll never go back to writing a headline out of thin air ︎

Most homepage headlines are so buzzword-y they sound like they were written by a lawyer. These eye-catching formulas are good enough to help your website stand out and go Punk in a World where everyone goes Pop.

And even if whatever you might end coming up with isn't the final copy, these cheeky formulas sure will help you get there.

That's why I'll show you my thought process behind these formulas. And how I used them to rewrite 31 different homepages from brands operating in different industries. ︎

I could go on and on about how and why Snackable Copy Tips can help you become a copywriting ace with grace...

But the only way you're going to agree is to try it.

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It felt ilegal to use it for free, haha!"

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Who the heck created this website?

Hey there. I'm Miguel Ferreira, the guy behind Snackable Copy Tips.

I run Teardwn, a tiny web copywriting agency that helps eCommerce brands go Punk when everyone else goes Pop.

But I'm not your typical copywriter.

I'm a trained marketer and have an MSc in International Marketing Management from University of Surrey.

I also have a 12+ year track record  building startups & brands. I'm also a solo entrepreneur bootstrapping my own products.

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