Technique: Make it rhyme, people will trust you big time.

Rhyme your slogan, website headline or your main call-to-action.

In 2000, two psychologists from Lafayette College, Matthew McGlone and Jessica Tofighbakhsh, did an interesting experiment.

McGlone & Tofighbakhsh gave Lafayette undergraduate students 60 proverbs. Then they asked each student to rate whether each proverb was an accurate description of human behavior.

But there was a twist.

One group of students received proverbs that rhymed. Like, "Caution and measure will win you treasure." and "What sobriety conceals, alcohol reveals."

The second group received the same proverbs, but these ones didn't rhyme. For example, "Caution and measure will win you riches." and "What sobriety conceals, alcohol unmasks."

Now guess which version students rated as more accurate?

The rhyming proverbs won!

In fact, students rated rhyming proverbs as 22% more accurate than non-rhyming ones.

It turns out, rhymes increase a little something cognitive scientists like to call "processing fluency".

That's because rhymes are easy to understand. And this makes people perceive phrases, sentences or statements that use rhymes as more truthful.

That’s why a good trick to write unignorable web copy is to use rhymes.

Because rhyming gives your copy a more fun vibe, a bit more personality and memorability. And it also makes your message sound more accurate, truthful and persuasive.

Rhyme your slogan, website headline or your main call-to-action. Use WordHippo’s Rhyming Dictionary to help you get started.



1. Make your call to action rhyme⇝ “Try our ramen, and go to heaven.”