The Netflix copywriting technique

Never "write copy". You should "assemble copy".

Your clients are going to buy your brand, your products, your “solution” because of your voice.

Because, in some way, your voice reminds them of theirs. That's why you should never "write copy". You should "assemble copy".

As copywriting legend Eugene Schwartz once said:

"Copy is not written. If anyone tells you ‘you write copy’, sneer at them. Copy is not written. Copy is assembled. You do not write copy, you assemble it. You are working with a series of building blocks, you are putting the building blocks together, and then you are putting them in certain structures, you are building a little city of desire for your person to come and live in."

You see, most people write copy because it's the easy way.

Most people who write copy write to impress the client or themselves. But when you assemble copy you're not trying to impress anyone. You're just using the same kind of language your audience uses.

So you have to adjust your voice to the voice of your audience. And because of that they feel more connected to your brand. Because you talk like them.

So here’s what I want you to do. I call this the Netflix copywriting technique⇝   

I want you to keep a voice diary. This is going to involve detective work, so I want to do a few things:

1. Buy a Moleskine notebook (or from any other brand, as long as it’s a physical notebook that’s fine).

2. Next, I want you to think about the person more likely to buy or influence purchase of whatever products you sell.

But forget about the standard target audience demographics yada yada yada. Forget about age, income, etc. I want you to think about psychographics. I want you to think in culture, not audiences. So imagine that person more likely to buy or influence purchase. What's their favorite Netflix show? Figure it out.

3. Over the next 4 weeks I want you to watch that Netflix show religiously. And I want you to use your physical notebook and make four separate sections.

In the first section write down words and phrases that made you curious.

In the second section write down words and phrases that made you laugh.

In the third section write down words and phrases that made you feel energized.

In the fourth section write down words and phrases that made you feel surprised.

Why is this a useful writing exercise ?

If your brand is struggling to find it’s voice, the first thing you should figure out is to determine who's your audience and what kind of language they use.

And the Netflix copywriting technique exercise is perfect for that.

Because there’s a reason why your target audience loves the Netflix show you identified.

They love the language used by that show.

Because it reminds them of theirs.

So give the Netflix copywriting technique a try, and in 4 weeks you’ll have a clear idea of what your brand voice truly sounds like.